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SFA Founder
Allen J. Sachetti
"The Hardest Working Man
In Tactical Training"
If You Are Looking For An Instructor Who Will PUT OUT An Unyielding Effort For Your Team Until They Achieve The Performance That Is Required, Then Hire Allen Sachetti.

This Man's Skill Level, Conditioning And Resolve Seem Never Ending As He Passionately Pursues Nothing Less Than Excellence In The Execution Of Every Technique, Exercise, Drill Or Combat Application. For Him Making Your Team Good Is Personal.
military hand to hand combat
SFA Founder Allen J. Sachetti Offers Your Team, Squad Or Group Unique
Training That Develops Within The Troop Or Marine The Ability To Be
Triggered By Attacks To Execute The Most Effective Response!!!
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  • We Are About Quality NOT Qauntity. Click Here To Become Something Truly Special

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  • Weapon Disarming, Weapon Retention, Bayont, Tactical Knife, Tactical Short Sword Combat Empty Hands

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  • Safety Baton, Knife Defense, Empty Hands Defense, Restraint & Cuffing , Firearm Disarming & Retention

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  • You Prep Food & Medicine, What About An Indomitable Fight Drive & Skills That Your Attackers CANNOT Match

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  • Are You A Spirit Filled Believer In jesus Christ. Then You Have The Biblical Right To Self Defense

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  • Make Your Next Film Or Stage Production STAND OUT With The Most Unique And Effective Techniques In The Business