What Is SFA?
If you have been in Martial Arts for a while you may think you have seen it all. Boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, Wrestling, JKD, FMA, Judo, MMA, Krav Maga are all very common place now adays. It also should be certainly said that "Every Martial Art Is Great, As Per The Perception Of It's Designer". Yet every once in a while in every field of human endeavor there is someone who comes along with a completely different perception, one who starts to look at things from a different perspective and thereby see things that others have not.
Perception is a funny thing and we must be careful to make sure that it is indeed correct. For example in Football there are many people who have 'watched' the game for years. They may have even played a little, but they no way near have the fuller, deeper perecption of somone who has done it professionally for living, say even done over and over again under duress and stress.

If you do something for a living, it is your profession. Your perception thereby is going to be based on many, many years of real life experiences that simply go far beyond that of the average sportee, hobiest or arm chair quarterback.
For me Martial Arts has been my profession. It is the way that I put food on the Table, send my kids to school, survive in the field against attackers and provide for my family. There was no margin for error, I had to perform only what was truly most effective for myself and for my customers in order to make a living at it.

In BJJ I earned my Black Belt as I wore all of the cartiledge off my shoulder to then go even further to flaten out my shoulder ball joint. Rolling for years and years, to even continue rolling today despite pain to always pursue only excellence in sensitivity, reading, flow and technique.
In Striking I spent serious time in Boxing, Muay Thai and Filipino Dumpag to master Direct and Indirect Attacks by slipping and fainting to go on further to develop another area of study with 'Destructions'. Then I continued on with what I call the "Arm Unit" to refine new material that as my students say today: "almost makes it unfair for you to fight your opponent".

In Wrestling I avidly pursued both Grecco Roman, Freestyle and Filipino Dumpag to explore all ways of getting an opponent off his feet to then go further to devise a unique "Anti-Wrestling" art that is so effective I have even had World Class All Americans NOT be able to take me down even when I was no where near their shape or youth.
In Pekiti-Tirsia I truly learned the "Way Of The Blade" as I immersed myelf in all archs, thrusts and all other ways of use for the Sword & Knife. This allowed me to see the ancient knowledge that comes only from spending real, quality time with the weapon. within these archs not only did I see the weapon application but so much more also for Empty Hands striking power and grappling energy manipulation.

There have been other arts too like Kung Fu, Silat and more. In which I sure pursued each of them with equal zeal so as not to walk away with just a skim of the surface knowledge but truly gain a real depth and thereby much truer PERSPECTIVE of what each actually was.
THEN THERE WAS LIFE. Truly the experiences I had in life contributed immeasurably. I learned that real street fights can come from both "Qualified" and "UnQualified" attackers. That the INTENT of the attacker mattered a lot. Most street attacks are done with vicious, malicious intent with as much surprise as the attacker can have. There can be so much evil in the hearts of people, they can be vile, amoral animals that would even attack you after you have shown them mercy.

One thing about Street Fights I can tell you for sure is that you are NEVER in control. It is nothing but Chaos and the only way to stop an attacker or group of attackers is to STOP them for sure. Every street attack is by definition because there are no rules and they are usually motivated by sheer malice.
On the Battlefiled too I have found the same thing. You are never in control and it is nothing if not Chaos. The men who are coming at you know they must kill or be killed. They are sometimes motivated, scared or just going on instinct. Then there is the psycotic who is resolved to kill himself as he tries to kill as many of you as possible. With this your reactions must be immediate and definative. There is no grey area or moral question if you are right or not. You know you are.

That is only the direct attacks, then there are Indirect attacks where the enemy does his best to conceal his intentions before he attacks like in a shoot and scoot, where someone dressed as a civilian will pick up a weapon and fire only to then drop it and run away without it. They do this because of they know the STUPID rules of engagement that our soilders are held to. Also lets us not forget too the cowardly sneak attack of the IED's that injures and kills so many of our fine Soilders and Marines. With this kind of threat only a real advanced awareness or alertness in the field can prevent casualties.
So what perception has this life led me to? TO LIVE. I perceive threats and have created a Survival Fighting Axiom that develops in people the Instincts, Technqiues and Conditioing they need to "destroy" those threats. To do this SFA is a "Principle Based Process" where you learn first "Range And Depth"

All attacks exist at moments in time. You may not always see them at each moment but I assure you they did exist at such points in time. Range explains for you the "Before", the "During" and the "After". Whether it is a Striking, Grappling, Edged Weapon or Firearm attack against your person the attack did exist at 3 moments in time.
Making yourself KEEN to these moments while enabling you to insert the proper Technique "Instinctively" to destroy that attack is what SFA is designed to do. It is our unique process of recreating the attacks so realistically that allows you to develop this skill. Your "perception" is not based on a slow speed or unrealistic approach, you wil experience the violence as close as you can to the real thing.

Under this kind of stress or duress you will develop a much truer discernment of what can work and what cannot work, particularly for someone your size, shape and ability against others who may exceed your size, shape or ability. You see the trick is to make this WORK FOR YOU in real fights against real attackers who are vicious and unyielding. YOU MUST STOP THEM.
This is why many of the Techniques you see in SFA are very different than anything else. They were created and refined through a different process. A process of stress and duress that takes it's participants into the literal frey of the attack, even when you may NOT be at your best.

We are tapping into your Survival Instinct here and ARMING IT. You may have been tired or not feeling well before the attack but once it happens, if you have been trained in SFA you are going to REACT and "React Effectively" with Techniques that literally destroy the threat you are facing.
It took many years to create SFA and while it can be said that other arts may have contributed to SFA's gene pool, SFA in itself is truly a new being, a new Martial Axiom. Not a collection of past techniques but a next generation Fighting Process created from a different perspective.

In it's foundation SFA begins with 7 Core Areas Of Development: Single Attacker Striking, Grappling, Ground, Knife, Firearm and then Multiple Attackers Striking and Restraining. As you experience these threats as close to the real thing as possible you wil have your Instincts honed to be triggered by the violence to react with the SFA Techniques that destroy that attack at the Range and Depth you find yourself.

Talk to those who have been in SFA and through this experience or better yet come to an SFA Threat Solution Module on a Saturday and test their skills. You will be very satisfied. - Allen J. Sachetti
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